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MINLAX is proud to offer this page as a lax gear swap meet. Buy, sell and trade your new and used lacrosse gear with other lax rats in Minnesota! If you have any gear that you want advertised or see some gear that you want, send an email to CoachBrian@minlax.com
-Brine Shakedown, size 13, Brand NEW!, dark blue/silver black in color, $95
-STX K18 II's, new, red/white/blue, size 13
-Harrow C2, silver, $35
-Harrow C3, silver, $35
-Harrow C2, silver, $35
HEADS(all heads have traditional pockets)
-Warrior Evo Pro 2.0, brand new, orange/silver CHROME, $120
-Brine Blueprint X, brand new, white, $90
-Warrior Evolyte X, brand new, white, $110
-Brine Encore X, brand new, white, $110
-Warrior Cobra X, brand new, carolina blue, $110
-Brine Verdict X, brand new, white, $85