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Ned Bowen

1) Aside from lacrosse, what gets your adrenaline going?

            Music, any outdoor challenge like a big hike, snowboarding, skiing, bungee jumping and I’m assuming sky diving but I haven’t done that yet!

2) Do you have any weird pregame rituals?

            Not really, just arrive early to mentally and physically prepare.

3) What are you most afraid of?

            Failure and death.

4) What are five things that really bug you?

            Lack of respect, ignorance, underachieving, being rushed and thoughtless/careless behavior.

5) Who were your childhood heroes?

            Joe Montana and Jerry Rice

6) What is your ideal Saturday without a lax game?

            College football or the beach

7) What was your first stick?

            Brine Shotgun

8) What’s your most embarrassing Pro/College lax moment?

            There are plenty but probably missing a piece of equipment for a road game!

9) It’s game day, who do you first talk to when you show up to the locker room and why?

            Who ever is in the locker room, then the trainers so I can have their assistance getting me ready, stretching, taping etc.

10) What’s the worst lax injury you’ve ever received or dished out?

            Dished out, do not know. Received, nothing too serious, just bumps and bruises.
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