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Dynamic -vs- Static stretching
First off, do all of you out there in lax rat land know the difference between the two or when to use them and why? If you can't correctly answer any of them then you'd better pay close attention to this page. MINLAX will update these stretches throughout the season with tips on efficiency, productivity and exclusive work outs with our favorite pro players.
If you haven't googled it yet, DYNAMIC stretching implies lots of movement. Dynamic stretching is important to do BEFORE practice! When most of us show up on the practice field our muscles have been resting and are tight. If we start right into line drills we run the risk of pulling muscle groups and/or tendons that are too tight. Some dynamic stretches you might be familiar with are Power Skips(Super Marios if you're from my neck of the woods), Butt Kickers, High Knees, Frankensteins/Zombies and Lunges. All of these are done moving up and down the field 10-20yards per exercise. Dynamic stretching is very important when it's cold outside because your muscles are even tighter.
STATIC stretching is all about working specific muscle groups AFTER they are nice and loose. After dynamic stretching or better yet, after practice is the best time for static stretching. Static stretches are often done at the start of practices and this can actually cause injury! Static stretches pull the muscles to gain their maximum benefit and in order to get this done, your muscles need to be loose and relaxed. Most static stretches are done in a circle around the team captains or in rows. Static stretches are done either standing in place or on the ground. These stretches are held for a longer duration of time and really work your muscle groups to improve long term function and performance.
A good strength and conditioning coach can give you several specific stretches to loosen up sore muscles. If your club doesn't have an expert in this field, Lacrosse Magazine has some great info. As a proud member of Team AO, I'm able to work with Jason Leneau and this guy is a Strength and Conditioning wizard. At the ALL OUT Lacrosse Camps, in addition to the awesome lax skills, campers get great exposure to all kinds of dynamic and static stretches. At every camp, Coach Jason has some new stretches I've never seen! I always send the sore kids over to him to get some immediate relief as well as a few new ways to prevent that soreness in the first place.
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