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Chris Panos

1) Aside from lacrosse, what gets your adrenaline going?

            Snowboarding, water sports and skydiving

2) Do you have any weird pre game rituals?

           I'm usually the first guy in the locker room to test Gatorade mixture. That is when I talk to my stick in private too.

3) What are you most afraid of?

           I'm most afraid of the lights going off on me on a breakaway with a tie score in the 4th quarter.

4) What are five things that really bug you?

            Traffic, bad Gatorade mixture, slow music, long lines, poor service

5) Who were your childhood heroes?

            Gait Brothers and Batman

6) What is your ideal Saturday without a lax game?

            Die hard college football fanatic

7) What was your first stick?

            Classic STX Red Laser Lite with Red Mesh

8) What’s your most embarrassing Pro/College lax moment?

            Having to sing Canadian National Anthem my first season as an American in the Ontario Lacrosse Association.

9) It’s game day, who do you first talk to when you show up to the locker room and why?

            I talk to my stick first, then the trainers to get stretched out and limbered up.

10) What’s the worst lax injury you’ve ever received or dished out?

           Many injuries along my storied career, but probably my foot injury in 2008 with NLL Chicago Shamrox.

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